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Forged projects
Gates, small gates, railings, fence panels, grills
We have realised a countless number of forged projects. In case of gates both manual and automatic types.

Available types for realising: winged gates, sliding gates and self-supporting gates.

Surface finish based on agreement and contents of your valet: anti-rusting paint, heat zinc-coating, powdering according to the RAL scale.

To highlight the ornamental line in case of forged projects we recommend the use of special patina paint in any of the four finishes: gold, silver, copper and green.
Poker tables
Folding-up, stationary poker tables and service tables in show-lighting finish too with pre-preparation for the TV broadcasting
We were furnishing the following casinos: Concord Card Casino Vienna, Graz, Linz, Feldbach and Austrian travelling tournament Poker Tour 2007.

We have exported to abroad 120 poker tables each for 8 players and 2 show-lighting superbs for final duels broadcasted by the TV.
Simple, design-advanced trend –giving line!
Surface - stable material “in”, suitable for both exteriors and interiors. Used in ground, matted, polished to brilliant finish.